How much do you charge for a card?
In a world in which there is no such thing as a free lunch, I am happy to report that there are such things as free cards!  There is no cost to you and no cost to the recipient.  If you insist, payment may be made in the form of smiles and passing this website along to others.

What's the catch?
There isn't one!  I am not a scam artist nor an identify thief, and I will delete the recipient's address from my email once the card is sent.  When you request a card, you will not be signed up for any third-party lists or offers.  Promise.

Who can receive a card?
Any cancer patient, caregiver, family member of a cancer patient - basically, anyone who has been touched by cancer and could use a smile.

Is there a limit to how many cards I can request?
Everyone deserves to smile!  Please feel free to submit multiple names.

Is there a limit to how many cards one recipient can receive?
To be fair to all those who need a smile, each recipient will be limited to one card per month.  Each card can take up to one hour to create, and I want to reach as many people as possible!

Will the recipient know that I submitted his/her name?
This is completely up to you!  On the 'Request a Card' page, you can select to share your name or to remain anonymous.  If you would like to include your name, I will enclose a special smile with your name (shown below).

What will you write inside the card?
Cards will contain words of encouragement and support.  If you choose to provide information about the recipient on the 'Request a Card' page, I will personalize the card.  I will also write a joke on each envelope to get that smile started as soon as possible!

How soon after I request a card will you mail it?
While I wish it could be instantaneous, I do have a full-time job.  My goal is to mail your card within a week of receiving your request.

Will you send a card overseas?
Of course!  A smile is worth way more than the extra $0.54.

Can I make a donation to Sending Smiles Across Miles?
Donations are accepted; however, Sending Smiles Across Miles is not currently a 501(c)(3) organization, and donations are not tax deductible.  If you would still like to make a donation (monetary or supplies), please email sendingsmilesacrossmiles@gmail.com.

If you have questions that are not answered above, please email me at sendingsmilesacrossmiles@gmail.com.