My 'Why'

Why do I provide this service?  It's simple - I adore making people smile, I love designing and creating handmade cards and I absolutely, positively hate cancer.

I've always had a beef with cancer.  Colon cancer stole my maternal grandmother before she could even witness my mother graduate from college.  Breast cancer attacked my paternal grandmother when I was in elementary school.  But it wasn't until 2005 that my cancer crusade began in earnest.  My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Not my mommy.

It took cancer hitting in the house where I grew up to realize how many people were echoing my 'not my mommy' or 'not my daddy' pleas.  I was one of the lucky ones, and I felt a strong need to repay all the blessings I have received in life.  Very soon after my mother (now surviving AND thriving) finished her chemo and radiation, I became involved with the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure.  If you haven't heard of it, please look it up - amazing event, amazing organization, beyond amazing people who I am very lucky to call my family.

Participating in one walk a year (a measly 60 miles in 3 days) quickly became not enough.  I began adding new bullets to my '3-Day resume' each year.  In 2008, my sister and I started our first year as Walker Stalkers for the Philadelphia 3-Day and were a two-woman cheering squad to provide encouragement and smiles.  In 2010 alone, we created over 200 handmade cards intended to bring a - you guessed it - smile to the recipient's face.

And now it's 2011.  One part of the story that I left out is that my mother, along with many other survivors I have been blessed to meet, attributes her good health today to a few words which, when strung together, form the cornerstone of survival.

Positivity.  Optimism.  Hope.  Faith.

These are the words and emotions that I hope to stuff into an envelope to send to your family member/friend.  The world always looks brighter from behind a smile!